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iBoard and Train

Want to SEE a better-behaved pooch when you return from traveling?  Then why not have your best friend trained where they spend most of their time and where you need them to behave his or her best?  Relax and enjoy your time away or focus on that work presentation while I care for and train your dog in the comfort of their own environment, then we’ll work together to maintain the skills when you return.

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Online Training​

Due to COVID-19, the way we train has changed a bit, but it is no less effective and fun!  If you want to play it safe, I offer online Private Coaching via Zoom (no social distancing or masks required).  All you need is a quiet place, a smartphone, tablet or computer with video, internet connection and your dog. 

It’s more important than ever that you have a dog that’s easy to live with, so if you choose to be isolated during training, or you don’t live in my service area, let’s virtually work together to achieve this goal.

All training starts with an initial consultation to assess your dog’s temperament and your training needs, then we’ll customize a plan to fit your goals, your dog and your life.  I will also equip you with a few simple training tools to jumpstart the process.